Innovax Systems is pleased to announce that it has met the requirements for the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) for Business Excellence and has been awarded the Singapore Quality Award by Spring Singapore. There have been many milestones in Innovax Systems’ history but being awarded with the prestigious Singapore Quality Award is an achievement that will be hard to emulate. The award recognizes the company as having attained world-class standards of performance excellence. At Innovax Systems the company believes in striving to innovate and constantly pursue great heights of excellence in all areas of its business.

The journey towards achieving business excellence is a conscious and determined one. The company embarked on this with full management and staff commitment to connecting its customers, meeting performance expectations, developing its workforce to the fullest potential and building upon its core competencies to innovate and explore new areas of opportunities in the industry.

Said Alex Koh, Chief Technology Officer of Innovax Systems: “The process has also helped the company to strengthen its systems and processes for continuous improvement never allowing us to rest on our past achievements and stagnate our position in the industry. We are now stronger, a more resilient organization with well-defined processes and systems and a winning mindset. “

The company strongly believes that the starting point to the attainment of business excellence has to be a real commitment by every single staff with the management being the spearhead. Patrick Tan, President of Innovax Systems commented: “If you set a good example, your people will follow. In this area we have been very blessed that our people at every level of the company has embraced the business excellence journey wholeheartedly showing tremendous morale and passion. This achievement is the result of our hard work and team work and for that we are delighted and very thankful.”

About Spring Singapore

SPRING Singapore is an agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry responsible for helping Singapore enterprises grow and building trust in Singapore products and services. As the enterprise development agency, SPRING works with partners to help enterprises in financing, capability and management development, technology and innovation, and access to markets. As the national standards and accreditation body, SPRING develops and promotes an internationally-recognised standards and quality assurance infrastructure. SPRING also oversees the safety of general consumer goods in Singapore.