Power up your Campaigns with Instant Responses on SMS

OpsCentral SMS is a two-way SMS platform. It not only allows you to broadcast SMS to your target audience, but also empowers your audience to respond to you instantly for a variety of campaigns.

With OpsCentral SMS, you can now route incoming SMS to various destinations for action, perform auto-response, conduct polls or surveys.

OpsCentral SMS empowers your business to exploit the full potential of SMS to reach your target audience and for them to reach you, quickly and intelligently.

OpsCentral SMS Features

Local Singapore & Overseas SMS

Each SMS message sent to a local Singapore number, containing a maximum of 160 alphanumeric single-byte characters, consumes 1 SMS credit. For messages intended for numbers outside Singapore, please refer to the published rates. While we make every effort to maintain stable SMS credit costs, our prices undergo monthly reviews in alignment with prevailing market rates. Any adjustments will be communicated through updates on this platform and the order form.

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