Incorporates conversational AI Bots in WhatsApp Helpdesk, the popular Business Texting solution and Instant Messaging enterprises are looking at today. We provide WhatsApp integration with other popular social media messaging apps and backend systems.

Simultaneously engage with multiple customers via their preferred Messaging app, be they WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line and Wechat

OpsCentral Messaging allows businesses to have multiple engagements with their customers simultaneously, via their preferred Messaging app platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line and WeChat. Its Integrated interface enables agents to respond to customers communication across multiple channels – app messaging, email and call in one queue.

  • Encrypted Chat Session & History
  • Smart Routing Capabilities
  • Deep Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning and Intelligent Bots

OpsCentral Messaging uses the same role-based analytic and reporting, supervisors enable to manage agent and work performance based on contact centre metrics.

OpsCentral Messaging incorporates Artificial Intelligence AI in the popular Business Texting solution and Instant Messaging businesses are using today: WhatsApp app, allowing Bots and helpdesk agents to service their customers via WhatsApp chat thereby increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.

OpsCentral Messaging Features

Quality Management

OpsCentral Screen Capture

Capture complete interactions
Get a complete 360-degree replay of the entire interaction as it occurred, with integrated capture and playback of both the agent-customer conversation (voice) and the accompanying agent screen activity.
Assess agent skills and identify top performers
OC SC enables you to assess agent performance and customer satisfaction levels, ensure agent process adherence, prove compliance procedures are being followed, ensure maximum desktop navigational efficiency, settle disputes etc.
Search and retrieve the desktop recordings you need
Desktop video recordings can be identified and accessed through a number of search criteria, including agent extension, date, user name, customer phone number, ticket number, etc.