Omnichannel Business Messaging Platform in Singapore

We seamlessly integrate conversational AI Bots into WhatsApp Helpdesk, a widely embraced business messaging platform in Singapore and a favoured choice for instant messaging among enterprises today. Additionally, we offer WhatsApp integration with other popular social media messaging apps and backend systems.

Effectively engage with numerous customers simultaneously through their preferred messaging apps, whether it be WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line and Wechat

OpsCentral Social Media empowers businesses to engage with multiple customers simultaneously through their preferred messaging app platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line, and WhatsApp. Its integrated interface allows agents to efficiently respond to customer communications across various channels, including email, app messaging, and phone calls, all within a single queue.

  • Smart Routing Capabilities
  • In-Depth Data Analysis
  • Encrypted Chat Session & History
  • Machine Learning and Intelligent Bots

OpsCentral Social Media leverages role-based analytics and reporting, enabling supervisors to oversee agent and work performance based on contact centre metrics. The comprehensive features offered by OpsCentral Social Media make it a robust solution for businesses looking to streamline their customer engagement across various omnichannel messaging platforms in Singapore.

OpsCentral Social Media, an omnichannel messaging platform in Singapore, integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the widely adopted Business Texting solution and Instant Messaging platforms used by businesses today, including the popular WhatsApp app. This integration empowers both bots and helpdesk agents to efficiently assist customers via WhatsApp chat, resulting in heightened productivity and increased customer satisfaction.

OpsCentral Social Media Features

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Find out more about our OpsCentral social media features and how it can benefit your business. The omnichannel messaging platform in Singapore is the future of efficient customer engagement.

OpsCentral Social Media stands at the forefront of the omnichannel messaging platform in Singapore, offering businesses a glimpse into the future of efficient customer engagement. The seamless integration of AI, coupled with its versatility and commitment to growth, positions OpsCentral as a go-to solution for enhancing customer interactions and driving business success.

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