OpsCentral Email - Email Management Software in Singapore

Reduce email management time and begin your day with an intelligent mailbox

OpsCentral Email is a customer service email management software in Singapore that empowers businesses to cultivate and expand relationships through transactional emails, campaigns, and follow-up support. This exceptionally intelligent tool aids in tracking, prioritising, and efficiently managing every incoming email.

  • Intelligent Email Responder with AI
  • Skill-Based Routing Capabilities
  • Secured Audit Trail
  • Pre-scripted Email Template
  • Performance Monitoring & Reporting

Through transactional email, campaigns, and follow-up support, OpsCentral Email enables businesses to develop and nurture connections. It is a highly intelligent tool that assists in tracking, prioritising, and handling each and every email received.

OpsCentral Email is a robust email management software designed to streamline communication within businesses. Focused on customer service, it offers efficient email management to enhance customer engagement. OpsCentral Email excels in providing a holistic solution for email-related tasks.

Whether it's tracking transactional emails, managing campaigns, or providing follow-up support, the call centre email management software remains a versatile and intelligent tool designed to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses. With its web browser-based interface, real-time reporting, and quality management features, OpsCentral Email stands as a robust solution for call centres in Singapore, enabling them to deliver exceptional customer service and drive success.

OpsCentral Email Features

Quality Management

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