OpsCentral Email

What is OpsCentral Email?

OpsCentral Email is a multi-feature email management system that supports multiple campaigns, channels inbound emails based on subject, departments, skill-set level of recipients, email content and keywords.

OpsCentral Email provides intelligent routing capabilities, self-service management rule-setting, audit log, detailed reports and SLA tracking system, a smart tool that helps to track, prioritise and solve every single email you receives.

Why OpsCentral Email?

  • OpsCentral Email provides an audit trail of each and every customer email
  • Measure KPIs, SLAs for email communications
  • Stop CSR from cherry-picking “easy” emails from public folders (commonly implemented in Outlook or Notes)
  • Escalation function. Track escalated emails
  • Prevent “lost”, deleted, wrongly filed emails
  • Prevent duplicate replies by different CSR


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