OpsCentral Email

What is OpsCentral Email?

An intelligent email sorting application that channels all inbound emails to the appropriate customer service representative (CSR) who can respond promptly and effectively. It will sort and route the emails to recipients according to subject, sender and keywords in the email content.

OpsCentral Email is a powerful tool that frees you from the hassle of sorting hundreds or possibly thousands of emails that flood your organisation everyday.

Why OpsCentral Email?

  • OpsCentral Email provides an audit trail of each and every customer email
  • Measure KPIs, SLAs for email communications
  • Stop CSR from cherry-picking “easy” emails from public folders (commonly implemented in Outlook or Notes)
  • Escalation function. Track escalated emails
  • Prevent “lost”, deleted, wrongly filed emails
  • Prevent duplicate replies by different CSR


Pricing Plans

* 5 minimum users *

** 1 server per site **

Software License per Server

User Charges:

8x5 based

24 x 7 based

Redundancy Charges/High Availability Mode (Optional)


One Time Set-up Charge

12 months Contract

$250 / month



$200/month + $30/user/month


24 Months Contract

$150 / month





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