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The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the operations and communication channels of OpsCentral. By leveraging AI technologies, OpsCentral is able to enhance efficiency, improve customer interactions, and optimize performance. This article delves into the various ways AI transforms OpsCentral channels, providing a streamlined and advanced solution for enhanced productivity and customer satisfaction.

Generative AI Chat with enterprise documents

OpsCentral GenAI Knowledge Base leverages the capabilities of natural language processing and machine learning to construct an interactive knowledge repository, simplifying the process of accessing information.

Enterprises can engage in chat-like interactions with the knowledge base, akin to the functionality of OpenAI's ChatGPT. This technology harnesses sophisticated algorithms to scrutinize user queries and provide pertinent responses, thereby streamlining the search for desired information, including references to the source documents.

Generative AI Summary

Introducing the robust GenAI Summarize feature: This functionality enables the condensation and presentation of the complete dialogue between customer and the agent into a unified, comprehensive perspective. This valuable feature obviates the necessity for users to painstakingly navigate protracted and intricate transcripts. In turn, granting them the capacity to expeditiously and effectively access crucial particulars and acquire a more profound comprehension of the conversation.


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AI PII Redaction

The AI-driven PII (Personally Identifiable Information) redaction within recordings operates automatically, adeptly identifying and excising sensitive personal information such as names, social security numbers and addresses. Its primary function is to safeguard privacy and ensure adherence to stringent data protection regulations by thoroughly examining content and applying redactions to identifiable information. This capability facilitates the utilization of recorded data for analytical, research, or other purposes, all the while upholding the security of individuals' sensitive information.


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AI Toxicity Check

The application of AI for toxicity checks in recordings involves the analysis of textual or messaging content from customers to evaluate its potential for harbouring toxicity, offensiveness or harm.



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Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis (SA) integrated into systems deciphers the nuances of human language, emotions, and tone to gain a profound understanding of customer inquiries. It classifies sentiments as positive, neutral, or negative through a comprehensive analysis of the provided transcript. OpsCentral's Sentiment Analysis empowers a customer-centric approach by harnessing emotional insights, thereby contributing to an improved customer experience and facilitating business growth.



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NLP Word Cloud

The Natural Language Processing (NLP) Word Cloud represents a compilation of frequently appearing words within textual data, encompassing sources like speech-to-text conversions, text-based conversations or databases. The prominence and font size of a word within the word cloud correspond to its frequency of occurrence.

OpsCentral's Word Cloud Analytics empowers supervisors and administrators with a valuable tool to evaluate agent performance and gain insights into customer requirements. This is achieved by identifying and highlighting the most commonly used words in agent-customer interactions hence facilitating a deeper understanding of the data and enhancing decision-making processes.



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Auto Language Detection & Translation

The “Auto Detect Language and Translation in Messaging” feature operates by automatically identifying the language of a text message and subsequently delivering a real-time translation into the specified target language. This functionality facilitates effortless communication between individuals who communicate in different languages, promoting smoother and more effective interactions.



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Customers' Reviews

  • Gerard Grosse
    "Opscentral by Innovax Systems offers a comprehensive solution for contact centers, featuring a user-friendly interface that provides access to essential tools like voice recordings and team analytics. Innovax's 24/7 support is quick and responsive, making management highly satisfied and optimistic about a long-term partnership."
    Gerard Grosse
    Director | Teleport
  • Joe Tan
    "OpsCentral Voice changed the game for our contact centre operation. It helps us manage our calls in a way that drastically improves our agents' productivity and gives us competitive advantage and confidence that ensure utmost service level delivery to all our valued customers."
    Joe Tan
    Operations Manager | Far East Property Sales
  • Mailvahanam  C. Sundram
    "With OpsCentral Social Media, we now have a really smart solution that allows us to have many agents handling our overwhelmingly load of WhatsApp messages that require timely helpdesk & customer service responses. OpsCentral Voice and Email also significantly enhance our productivity in the contact centre. I’m so glad we found Innovax."
    Mailvahanam C. Sundram
    Contact Centre Director | RedContact
  • Parry Anastakis
    "We have used OpsCentral for the past 10 years in our Asia Pacific Contact Centre. We have won several awards with the help of OpsCentral. Innovax provides very good after sales support and service and we are very satisfied with them."
    Parry Anastakis
    Head of Centers and Online APAC | Verizon Enterprise Solutions
  • Peter Lim
    "With OpsCentral, we have a reliable contact centre solution that significantly improves the quality of our customer experiences. Their user interface is modern and friendly and our agents like it very much. The agent status scorecard is also useful for both management and agent to keep track of individual performance."
    Peter Lim
    Senior Manager of Quality Management | Yamato Transport
  • Coni Tan
    "Innovax Systems boasts a cadre of highly-skilled, courteous, and enthusiastic engineers who continuously update their solutions. As an outsourced contact centre, their swift response to customization needs aligns perfectly with all of our specific requirements."
    Coni Tan
    CEO | Connect Centre

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