Calls, Numbers & Phones

Is it possible to retain my existing hotline number?

Subject to your current phone service provider, you are likely able to retain your existing hotline number.

You will need to send a request to your current phone service provider to forward all calls to your chosen OpsCentral Voice number. Do note that your current phone service provider will charge you for this service and each forwarded call

When you make outbound calls from OpsCentral Voice, the caller-ID will be your chosen OpsCentral Voice number. It is not possible to show your existing hotline number for outbound calls.

Alternatively, you may wish to terminate your current number and communicate your new OpsCentral Voice number to your customers.

Is VoIP call quality clear and stable?

We have received positive feedback from our customers that the VoIP quality is excellent.

The quality of VoIP would highly depend on your company’s internet connection. Bandwidth, as well as its quality like jitter and delays, are the key components for voice quality.

It is recommended that you separate the voice and data networks in your premise.

For our Professional Plans, we will size up the appropriate bandwidth you need based on the number of seats you subscribe. We will provide the internet fibre connection (for voice only). You will need to have separate ethernet (RJ45) ports at each agent’s desk, 1 for the phone and 1 for your agent’s PC or laptop. Do note that you will still need your current internet connection as data (OpsCentral Voice UI etc) still goes through it.

Is it possible to route international calls to our call centre, and vice versa?

Yes, we are able to provide this service for most countries subject to service availability in that country itself.

For hardphones, what phones and headsets are provided? How about their warranty?

We are providing a Yealink hardphone and headset per subscribed seat.

OpsCentral Voice is tightly integrated with the provided Yealink phone to achieve unparalleled user experience. The system works best with the official phones provided by us.

If your hardphone breaks down, depending on the subscribed plan, we will replace on-site free of charge. For the headsets, there is a limited warranty of 3 months for defects, wear and tear will not be covered. Additional or replacement can be purchased separately.

For softphones, what softphones and headsets are provided? How about their warranty?

As part of the plan, one quality USB headset (currently Plantronics) is provided for each subscribed seat. For the headsets, there is a limited warranty of 3 months for defects, wear and tear will not be covered. Additional or replacement can be purchased separately.

The softphone is custom built to integrate with OpsCentral Voice seamlessly and will be provided as well. For softphones, they will need to be installed on your agent’s PCs or laptops.

Support, Integration & Downtime

Is on-site support from Innovax Sytems required once the system is in operation?

Unlikely. On-site support from Innovax Systems is not necessary as our technical support team would be able to resolve most technical issues remotely from our Network Operation Center (NOC).

In the case of hardware issues like hardphones, we will send our engineer(s) on-site for repair and/or replacement.

What are the modes of support provided in terms of technical issues and enquiries, and how accessible are they?

Depending on the plan and options you subscribed, we will provide you a Technical Support Hotline as well as Support Email. 24 x 7 support is available as an option should you require it.

On-site support will be provided when necessary, otherwise technical issues are usually solved remotely from our Network Operation Centre (NOC).

If we have an existing CRM, can it be integrated?

As there are numerous CRM packages and versions in the market, we would need to gather more information from you for a good answer.

If your CRM is web-based and is using standard web services, we should not have problems with integration.

Please contact our Sales Team for more information.

In the (unlikely) event that OpsCentral Voice is down, what is the typical downtime we would experience?

We strive for 100% uptime. That is why we have high availability in place. Our secondary system will take over if the primary system is down for any reason. Typical downtime in such instances will be less than a minute for the phones to register to the secondary system.

In some rare circumstances, we may fallback to round-robin routing or forwarding to an external number (eg. mobile) to assure incoming calls are still routed and gets answered.

In the unlikely event something catastrophic happens, notifications will be sent to you and you will receive hourly updates from us until resolution.

How often are the system maintenance?

Typically, we will not have more than 1 maintenance activity within a month. Maintenance notification will be sent to you via email at least 3 working days prior to activity.

If there needs to be an urgent priority maintenance to be done within 3 working days, we will follow up with a call after sending the email.

Fees, Contracts & Licenses

Do you have setup fees or contracts?

All setup fees are as listed in our Pricing page. All pricing are before taxes and with 12 months contract.

Can I upgrade to a higher plan before contract expires?

You are required to complete the agreed plan in the current contract.

Please contact our Sales Team for alternatives.

What are the prices after my contract expires?

The prices after contract would be subjected to changes at the point of renewal.

Are there any short-term/seasonal plans?

Yes. We are in the midst of working out those plans. You may wish to contact our Sales Team for more information.

Is there any additional annual maintenance charges? Short answer: No

No. You pay the monthly toll and fees according to your selected plan and value-add options.

For customization and integration, there might be an annual maintenance fee on the customized or integration portion. This will be spelled out in a separate professional service contract.

What is the billing cycle?

You will be billed for the previous month on the 1st of each month. The first month will be pro-rated. For example: If you signed up on 21 Apr, you will be sent a bill on 1 May for 10 days of use in Apr (1/3 of your usual monthly fees). However, do note that the contract period of 12 months start on 21 Apr and will end the following year 20 Apr.

How are licenses calculated?

We count by concurrent user logins. You can create as many users as you want in the system, but at any single point of time, you can only login as many users as the number of seats you purchased. This will save you money if you have shift workers. Just purchase the maximum number of seats equal to your biggest shift.

What are the toll charges like?

Incoming calls and calls between extensions are free. For international calls, we offer very competitive rates.

Here is a sample of the top destinations when calling from Singapore (per min rate in Singapore dollars):

  1. Singapore Local – $0.018
  2. Australia – $0.10 (landline) / $0.42 (mobile)
  3. China – $0.10 (landline) / $0.13 (mobile)
  4. Hong Kong – $0.10 (landline) / $0.13 (mobile)
  5. Indonesia – $0.25 (landline) / $0.35 (mobile)
  6. India – $0.48 (landline) / $0.35 (mobile)
  7. Japan – $0.32 (landline) / $0.42 (mobile)
  8. Malaysia – $0.10 (landline) / $0.13 (mobile)
  9. Philippines – $0.30 (landline) / $0.42 (mobile)
  10. Thailand – $0.13 (landline) / $0.18 (mobile)
  11. Vietnam – $0.45 (landline) / $0.75 (mobile)

Rates are revised periodically to reflect market rates and we strive to provide you the best rates in town.

Requirements & Others

Any business requirements for signing up?

You will need to have a business registered in Singapore to sign up. This is part of the regulations for a Singapore number to be allocated to your business.

What are the minimal PC/laptop requirements for OpsCentral Voice?

PC/Laptop requirements:

  1. Recommended Windows 10+ (or Microsoft Windows 7+)
  2. Latest Chrome browser recommended (or Internet Explorer Edge, Latest Firefox)

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