I am using a GSM modem now for my SMS needs, why do I need FlexiSMS?

While it is possible to use a GSM modem, there are many disadvantages of doing so. Here’s a quick list:

Branding – You cannot mask your Sender-ID. Thus, recipient will see your number as the sender. Using flexiSMS, they will see the SMS from, say "FlexiSMS" instead of "+6592778777".

Features – Certain features like auto-unsubscribe, campaign-based reports may not be available. FlexiSMS is campaign-based and includes auto-unsubscribe feature on top of campaign-based reports and analytics. There are many other features as well which FlexiSMS provides and are unavailable on GSM-modem based software.

Sending Speed – Sending via GSM modem can be as slow as 1 SMS every 10 seconds. Using FlexiSMS, you can send up to 10 SMS/second.

Contract – You need to purchase lengthy mobile contracts for the SIM chip. FlexiSMS is affordable and the minimal contract is 30 days.

Setup Cost – You require initial costs like PC, GSM modem and software. FlexiSMS is simple, you pay for what you use.

Can I send or receive in Mandarin, Korean or Japanese?
Yes. FlexiSMS supports UCS2 character set.
Can my users unsubscribe or send SMS to me via a shortcode?

Yes, please subscribe to the Standard Plan. See Price Plans.

Does FlexiSMS provide dedicated number and/or shortcode for incoming SMS?

For dedicated standard numbers, you can pass us your SIM chip for hosting at the server. There will be a setup cost and a small monthly charge on top of the Standard Plan for this hosting. See Price Plans.

For dedicated shortcode, it will be bill separately. Please contact us.

Can I bill my users when they send in SMS requests? / Does FlexiSMS support Premium SMS?

FlexiSMS does not (yet) support Premium SMS. If you have such a requirement and substantial volume per month, please contact us.

Account and Credits

Will my credits expire?

For Basic and Standard Plans: Your credits have no expiry date. However, you will need to pay the monthly account fees to maintain your account. Any balance credits will be forfeited when your account is terminated. No refunds will be made.

What are the rates to send SMS outside Singapore?

You can view the rates table here.

Renewal and Termination

Your account will automatically be terminated 30 days after it expires. You will still be able to login to your account up to 30 days after it expires. After which, your account will be terminated and archived for regulatory compliance. During this 30 days grace, you will have limited functionalities and will not be able to send or receive SMS regardless of your credits balance. You can renew your account any time within the 30 days grace. Account will be back-dated to the expiry date. For example, if your account expires on 1 Jan, and you renew your account on 15 Jan. Your account’s new expiry date will be 31 Jan.

What is the Credit Tier Pricing
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