FlexiSMS empower your business to exploit the full potential of SMS to reach your target audience and for them to reach you, quickly and intelligently.

Two-way Platform

Unlike most other providers, FlexiSMS is a two-way SMS platform. It not only allows you to broadcast SMS to your target audience, it also empowers your audience to reach you for a variety of campaigns. With FlexiSMS, you can now route incoming SMS to various destinations, perform auto-response, conduct votings or survey

Instant and Intuitive

You can register an account online with us and start sending or receiving SMS within minutes. The user interface is intuitive and set up of every campaign should not take more than 5 minutes. Just simply fill up a one-page form and click submit.

Pricing Plans

Credit Pricing

Calculation Examples:

$0.08 per credit (First 1,000 – 3,000 credits)
$0.07 per credit (Next 3,001 – 10,000 credits)
$0.06 per credit (Next 10,001 – 50,000 credits)
$0.05 per credit (Next 50,001 credits and above)

  • For 5,000 credits, total credit price will be (3000 x $0.08) + (2000 x $0.07) = $380
  • For 60,000 credits, total credit price will be (3000 x $0.08) + (7000 x $0.07) + (40,000 x 0.06) + (10,000 x 0.05) = $3,630

All prices in Singapore dollars before taxes.
All prices subject to prevailing Singapore taxes (GST).

Sending SMS overseas

If you intend to send to numbers outside Singapore, please check the published rates. While we try to keep the credit cost as constant as possible, subject to market forces, prices will be reviewed monthly and the changes, if any, will be published here and on the order form.

* No expiry so long account is active. See also FAQ: Renewal and Termination

** Account will expire 30 days from the last successful credit purchase or top up. Remaining credits will expire on the new expiry date when additional credits are purchased before account expires.

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