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OpsCentral is a complete product suite of technologies empowering an enterprise to handle all aspects of communication with customers effectively within a single communication platform, enabling contact centres to provide consistent, high quality service with excellent return on investment.

By seamlessly integrating data across multiple channels of communication – voice calls, email, fax and SMS, OpsCentral enables call centres to manage contacts, information flow and work groups more effectively and profitably in a single, unified solution with visible business benefits. All OpsCentral modules are capable of running standalone as well.

 OpsCentral Consists of:


Our full featured call management system with intelligent skill-based call routing functions, call recording, complete industrial standard reports, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and many more.


Our intelligent e-mail management application that channels all inbound emails to the appropriate customer service representative (CSR) who can respond promptly and effectively.


– Voice Logging
– Screen Logging
– Quality Monitoring Integration