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Discover the epitome of customer experience excellence with OpsCentral by Innovax Systems Pte Ltd, your go-to provider for a seamless and robust cloud-based contact centre solution in Singapore.

Captivate your customers with a brilliant CX platform today. Engineered to assist contact centres with a straightforward yet robust Omnichannel solution, OpsCentral is a cloud-based call centre platform in Singapore that offers a comprehensive Customer Experience suite, staying abreast of technological advancements and aligning with your business's expansion.

Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, OpsCentral optimises operations and enhances the customer journey from inception to completion.

  • Characterised by User-Friendliness and Intuitiveness
  • Boasts a Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Rapid Setup Process
  • Effortless Automatic Updates
  • Seamless Integration Capabilities

By seamlessly integrating data across multiple channels, OpsCentral brings the best of customer experience in a single solution that improves productivity, customer acquisition, retention and loyalty. The OpsCentral cloud contact centre platform can either be engaged individually or holistically integrated to work together.

Other Services

For customers who seek more than our standard turn-key call-centre solutions, OpsCentral experts, specialising in the latest advancements in omnichannel contact centres within Outram, are ready to address all consulting, integration, professional resources, infrastructure, and management needs.

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As a comprehensive call centre solution provider, Innovax Systems’ OpsCentral is synonymous with technology and exceptional customer experiences, and our extensive and varied customer base attests to this fact! Hear what our customers have to say about our Contact Centre solutions suite, omnichannel contact centre in Outram, our services, and the outstanding after-sales support we provide.

Elevate your customer engagement with Innovax Systems Pte Ltd, the leading provider of cloud-based contact centre solutions in Singapore. Our OpsCentral platform, driven by Artificial Intelligence, ensures a user-friendly experience with low total cost of ownership and rapid setup. Seamlessly integrating data across channels, OpsCentral enhances productivity, customer acquisition, and loyalty. Join us in revolutionising customer experience today!

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