Innovax Systems Cloud Contact Centre Solution

With Innovax Systems cloud contact centre, agents can log in into OpsCentral from anytime and anywhere - they just need a computer, headset and internet connection.

Communicate with your customer through the channel they prefer, whether phone, email, or instant messaging. The application allows you to deliver better customer engagement and faster response time. Agents are enabled to handle inbound and outbound contacts from multiple channels from the desktop.

Intelligent routing functions deliver the inbound call to the right agent based on skillset. Predictive dialer calculates the number of calls to dial based on connect rates, real-time data, and historical agent statistics and dials out more calls than available agents in order to maximise agent talk time.

OpsCentral provides everything you need to run an effective inbound, outbound campaign with management applications such as reporting, recording, quality monitoring, CRM integrations, and more.

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