Features & Benefits – at a Glance

It's about Empowerment

Innovax Systems is the pioneer in browser-based contact centre solutions since 2001. OpsCentral-on-Demand (OCOD) offers a complete browser-based experience without compromise. There are no special software to install and maintain. The promise of OCOD is the empowerment of the contact center to manage and administer all aspects of the operation as and when required – with zero downtime, no engineers needed. You will have real time statistics, updated every 5 seconds, to make critical decisions and make changes in real time. You will be able to easily change the IVR call flow and prompts, routing rules and agent skills on the fly – all without any downtime.

100% Call Recording

All calls, in and out, will be automatically recorded by OpsCentral-on-Demand. Recorded calls can then be searched, retrieved and played back via the browser-based user interface – Again, no special software needed. Recorded calls are kept in the system for a minimal period of 3 months. Longer storage options or archiving services are available should you require.

Awesome User Interface

We design our user interface (UI) to be clean and context sensitive, showing only what is necessary when it is necessary, without all that clutter. We also want a user interface familiar to most users so that training can be kept minimal. And what better UI to adopt than the ubiquitous web browser. OpsCentral-on-Demand is completely web browser based. All users – agents, supervisors, administrators, etc – login from a single URL to access all functions. With a browser based UI, OpsCentral-on-Demand can truly run anywhere. There are no applications to install. OCOD is not affected by most enterprise network restrictions or push-down install dependencies for updates.

Campaign, Skill and VIP Routing

If you have multiple hotlines, you can create a campaign per hotline. Within a campaign, you can create IVR flow and route calls based on language (English, Mandarin…) and product (Sales, Billing…) chosen. Calls will be routed to the highest skilled agents. OpsCentral-on-Demand’s SLA and Routing Engine is highly flexible, allowing you to define separate SLA and routing rules on per language per product basis. Priority routing is also in-built, where your VIP customers can bypass the IVR options by keying in their issued priority PIN. VIP customers can be configured to jump to the front of the queue so as to be served next by your best available agent.

Real Time Monitoring

We are all very visual creatures. We interpret visual information at a much faster and effective rate than written words. In OpsCentral-on-Demand, we convert complex information regarding your centre into visualizations that are easier to understand and react to. Since our first version in 2001, we have always “wow” our customers and their customers on the rich, real time visualizations of the entire contact center operations. You will have access to rich graphical summaries and statistics on campaigns, call queues, SLA breaches, after-call survey results and agent performance drill-downs. And yes, you can also access these on your mobile devices or tablets.


Generate reports any time. Reports are generated in true Excel® format with formulas in cells. This allows you to better analyse, pivot, filter the data.

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