Innovax Systems is proud to announce a partnership with Toshiba Singapore for the distribution and marketing of InnoFax for the Asia region.

InnoFax is a secure web-based plug-n-play network appliance that manages both incoming and outgoing faxes to and from the enterprise which can be easily integrated with Toshiba’s MFD (Multi Function Devices). Developed by Innovax Systems, InnoFax is a complete Fax Management system that allows organizations to manage their faxes within the IT Framework in today’s business environment.

The partnership is based on the integration of InnoFax and Toshiba’s MFD and Document Management Solutions and the co-operation to distribute and market InnoFax in Asia through Toshiba’s network of business partners. Innovax Systems is participating with Toshiba in an upcoming 2nd Annual Asia IT Congress which will be held in Bangkok on the 3rd and 4th of September 2007.

About Toshiba Singapore

Toshiba Singapore Pte Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Digital Media Network Company of Toshiba Corporation. It manufactures projection televisions and is engaged in the sales and marketing of audio-visual, household, office automation, electronic imaging products and computer notebooks. Electronics Imaging Division (EID) is the regional headquarters for South East Asia, the South-Asia, the Middle East and Africa. EID is fully responsible for product planning, marketing, sales, service, support and distribution of digital multifunctional systems, copiers, and facsimiles machines.

As the business workplace enters the 21st century, Toshiba EID is committed to increasing customer productivity through innovative office technology products and maintaining a firm commitment to quality.